Rovor och Rum are located in Toftenäs village which is part of the Nature Reserve Toftenäs. The village has retained its archaic character with gravel roads and small-scale farming. There are large green areas for children to run around and play on. You can easily get out to the nice hiking trail where even the farm’s sheep go grazing during the summer

The footpath in Toftenäs

The hiking trail is located on toftenäs peninsula, an oasis in Skärhamn’s immediate vicinity. The peninsula is a scenic area, with a great richness of species of both plants and animals. Most of the west coast herbs grow here.  The old agricultural landscape also lives here, with active agriculture, old farms sandwiched between the mountainous and beach meadows, and other pastures kept open by grazing cows and sheep. The stone fences are characteristic of the area. 
Along the trail there are many gates to open and close. The last part of the trail runs along the old gravel road and up to Rovor och Rum
If you want to make a detour from the trail, you can go down to Toftenäs beach. Where you can take a bath from the cliffs or fish crabs from the piers.

Kayak and bike rental

If you want to take a paddle tour by kayak, you can use Turnips and Rums Kayaks at a cost of 100 SEK If you prefer to cycle, Turnips and Rum have new nice bikes that you can use at a cost of 50 SEK a day.

Skärhamns village

As easy as getting out into the quiet beautiful natural environment in the Nature Reserve, it is just as easy to get to Skärhamns Centrum. A 20-minute walk takes you down to the city centre, boat harbour and restaurants.

Bath in Tubbeviken

If you want to take a bath, it is a 10-minute walk to the bath in Tubbeviken where you can also rent a sauna. If you prefer to swim in nature baths from the cliffs, it is a 10-minute walk to Toftenäs beach.