Bohuslän with the most beautiful nature in the world

It is difficult not to be enchanted by Bohuslän’s unique nature and magnificent and unique archipelago. Here it is the coast, sea and salty splashes that apply with the bare granite cliffs and fishing communities as a string of pearls towers along  the coast. In addition to sun, swimming and crab fishing invite the landscape to so much more. The sea and the archipelago attract sailing and boating as well as exciting kayak tours and magical diving experiences under the surface or a visit to the many ancient remains that exist.

Bohuslän is Sweden’s westernmost landscape and is located at Skagerrak and the northern part of Kattegat on the west coast.

Some municipalities close to Tjörn from north to south, are Lysekil, Uddevalla, Orust, Stenungsund, Kungälv and Gothenburg Here you can easily get by car or boat
Marstrand, an urban area in Kungälv, is worth a visit.